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Bell-Symphony Jungfrau
Bell Symphony Jungfrau
We are now living with a lot of Maine Coon cats. They are our precious families... They are our beloved children. The more we live with them, the more we love them, and finding them charming. I am pleased to tell you how charming they, "Maine Coons", are. I first saw the cat Maine Coon in American TV show. It was already 22 years ago. One Maine Coon in the show, showed us various types of cats, grabbed my heart! However, Maine Coon was not easily found in Japan by then, cause Maine coon was not so popular in the world.
Several years after , I finally met "Kiki" and could welcome her into my family from Cattery Bell-Symphony , Kiki was a wise lovely kitten more than we expected.

Do you know how Maincoon speak? "Meow"? "Nyago"? "Myea"? NO! "UlululuEEE", "Nhnn","Funyu"EEE Well, I can not express their language by word, but it is typical and very small sounds with their body movements. Some likes to catch-and bring a ball (what I call it in my house) just like a dog, and tells me "Do it again, please". Some makes big sounds to walk unlike other cats. Some shows me wonderful sleeping position, telling none enemy in the world, some answers my questions, some opens doors easily, some likes to play with water, some like people and want to keep certain distance with people.

We spend a lot of time with charming Maincoon everyday. I had cats when I was little. I do not remember the reason, but I kept the tortoiseshell cats for long. I do remember some of them, but one thing is sure that they were really beautiful tortoiseshell cats. Since my grandmother is an old-fashioned person, there is no photograph by the reason referred to as that a soul is sucked up, if a picture of an animal is taken in a photograph, (That can not be happened!!). It is very regrettable. Although the introduction became long ...

When I met with Kiki, our first lovely cat, I was living in an apartment house at suburbs of Hiroshima. A few years later, I started breeding Maincoon and moved to new house in suburbs, and then I knew Tortoiseshell color Maincoon! But it was not so easy to find beautiful one. Another few years had past, I met Pappa ! She is big enough for Maincoon, and perfect profile, with beautiful long coat. I saw many Maincoon as breeder, but none can be superior to her. Now she is over 10 years old, her beauty is still alive. Later, I welcomed Ribbon, and Chii, I call them Tortoiseshell angels. But sadly, all three never brought us tortoiseshell baby. My dream is "to bring beautiful tortoiseshell color Maincoon", with standard. One day, I will show you tortoiseshell color Maincoon in this Web.

Cattery Fairy-Paw, registered both in shb` ( The International Cat Association ) and be` ( Cat Fanciers Association ) of Hiroshima, Japan.

We have been with Maine Coon for about 20 years. Because we both are working full times, we only manage to attend a few cat shows a year. But we try to go as much as we can, for we believe that attending a cat show is a best way to learn and study standard of Maine Coon. We're trying to breed with a good quality, we also regard that good temperament and good health are very important. As to the health, we test all our cats for HCM, PKD, HD, and general health check, blood exam, parasite check, FeLV, FIV, FIP test, let alone vaccination. And we have sent DNAs of our breeding cats' to WSU recently,Breeding Cats were negative all.

Our cats run and roam freely in our house. Most of them try to sleep with us every nights; you might guess we're often out of bed(g). Our cats are our family and we're very concerned their well-beings and happiness.

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