Condition of transferring kitten

Thank you for being interested in My Cattery Web Site.
Cats are our precious families, and children.
We hope kitten must become happy in a new family.
Regarding the purchasing my kitty, I need you to give me the following

Regarding exporting our kitten to oversea;

Except coming to pick up our kitten from home in Japan, our government
requires to use the professional animal shipper for exporting a cat to
abroad. Therefore be aware you will be asked to pay a handling fee for
those shipping procedure.

There is limited number of the airport which deals with shipping a cat
as cargo in Japan, and the majority leaves from Narita International
Airport and Kansai International Airport.

If you consider to import a cat from Japan, you need to present us your
country's regulation or law of importing animal. Because each country
has own regulation or law and we cannot check them all.

For example;

*What kind of vaccination your country's law require?
*Do they require any specific type of microchip?
*Is Rabies vaccination necessary?
*Do you need Rabies antibody test also?
*How many days your country's regulation requires after a cat getting
*How old a kitten is allowed to enter your country?
*Is it ok to enter your country using other than a direct flight?
*How recent the health certificate issued by a veterinarian is required?
*What kind of document your country ask?
*Is there any regulation about a size of carrier?

...Something like that.

The following is our basic stipulation when your purchase our kitten;

*Breeding mate must be purebred Maine Coon
*Breeding mate must be registered with certain cat registry body such as
*When a kitten is born, you must register a kitten with certain cat
 registry body
*Do not random or over-breeding. Use your common sense
*Breeding mate must be your own cat
*Do not sell or export your kitten to Japan
*If you sell your kitten with breeding right, you must ask them the same
 stipulation of ours
*When selling your kitten with restricted breeding, you must require
 them of the optional stipulation;

-Selling solid White cat
*Do not sell solid White male with breeding right
*When selling solid White female, you must ask them the same stipulation
 as well as the same optional one.
*Do not mate with solid White or High White.
*Do not sell deaf kitten with breeding right

-Caring cat
*You must keep our cat indoor
*You must have our cat vaccinate once a year
*You must take care of our cat like your family member till they cross
 Rainbow Bridge
*If something occur and you need to sell our cat, you must contact us
 first and ask our permission. Do not sell our cat to other breeder

-To Reserve our kitten
*After accept your deposit, we consider you as a owner
*We only accept Japanese Yen from deposit to shipping cost
*You must pay handling or money exchange expenses.
*Since we're dealing with live animal, we do not return your deposit
 when you cancel your reservation
*Due to certain situation and we agree with your cancellation and return
 your money, we only return the amount of money except handling and money
 exchange fee

-What includes our kitten's price
*2 regular vaccinations
*CFA and TICA registration numbers
*4 generation pedigree from either registry body
*Rabies vaccination
*Health certificate issued by veterinarian

-What excludes our kitten's price
*Other vaccination not to mention above and any kind of test
*Handling fee for the professional shipper
*Freight to departure airport, airfare to your destination, carrier
*Keeping cost for over 4 month-old for you

-Regarding our kitten from Phoebe, Blossom
*Do not sell your kitten from Phoebe or Blossom's kitten
*You must report us when you sell their grand/grand-grand kitten with
 breeding right

¦We test all our cats for HCM, PKD, HD, and general health check, blood exam, parasite check, FeLV, FIV, FIP test, let alone vaccination. And we have sent DNAs of our breeding cats' to WSU recently,Breeding Cats were negative all.

Please write me if  you're interested;

*Your name in full
*Your cattery name and which association you register withiTICA, CFA,FiFe etcj
*Your cattery's website URL if there is any
*About your home and environment
*Your family member
*Your postal address
*Whether you have cat or not right now
*Having the experience of owing a cat or not
*What the purpose for, such as showing, breeding etc.
*Any particular preference for the gender, colour
*Price budget

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